Pharmacy Practice Adds Ideal Protein as New Service

“By offering Ideal Protein in our pharmacies, we are helping our customers achieve their weight loss and health goals, as well as adding a profitable new product and service line in our stores.”

Andew Buffett
Guardian Crowell’s Pharmacy + 4
Past Chair of Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia


Andew Buffett
Andew Buffett

The success of his own pharmacist in losing weight with Ideal Protein helped motivate Andrew Buffett to offer the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method in pharmacies located in Nova Scotia, Canada.  The second motivating factor for this decision was the science behind the highly successful weight loss protocol.

“As pharmacists, we are trained to look at Protocols like Ideal Protein from the scientific perspective. I had both their research to evaluate, and my own pharmacist’s passion for this program which changed her life,” says pharmacy owner Andrew Buffett.  

In Canada, people increasingly turn to their pharmacies for healthcare information and even services, as these retail stores move toward a role between primary care clinics and urgent care centers. This change in role is due in large part to the shortage of physicians, and restrictions put on physicians in Canada that limit the amount of time and the scope of counseling that they can provide to patients.

From the pharmacy perspective, a decrease in reimbursement for many popular prescription drugs has led owners to explore other sources of revenue. The ability of a method like Ideal Protein to help address the current epidemic in obesity and metabolic syndrome is one of those opportunities that benefit dieters and pharmacy owners. 

Andrew Buffett’s five pharmacies are operated under the Guardian banner. He initiated the Ideal Protein program in September of 2013.

“People saw our pharmacist’s weight loss and were curious; she was excited to share her success and that enthusiasm helped recruit our first dieters,” noted Buffett. “From that point on, word-of-mouth was the most powerful source of new dieters. Now, we also get referrals from healthcare providers who know of our success.”

“I decided to offer Ideal Protein because it was a method I believed in. I had seen the evidence and now we have hundreds of other success stories. Our pharmacists and staff are very effective ambassadors and we’ve been able to incorporate the program and the coaching into our daily operations. Ideal Protein offers comprehensive training and constant support for us to make this method successful.  Other pharmacy owners recommended to me that I adopt this method. Now, I’m in a position to make that recommendation to others, based on my own experience.”

The Ideal Protein Difference

  • Founded by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, an award-winning graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, Ideal Protein has a firm scientific foundation and offers a viable option to an international epidemic of obesity and conditions associated with metabolic syndrome. 
  • In addition to this very rigorous scientific approach, Dr. Tran Tien emphasizes the psychological aspect and human dimension of weight issues. The program focuses on poor eating choices and lifestyle habits, as causes of weight gain and hindrances to weight loss.
  • Ideal Protein’s medically developed weight loss method tackles the root cause of weight gain – the body’s overproduction of insulin - by limiting consumption of sugars in the form of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Patient results and physician satisfaction speak volumes about the effectiveness and validity of Ideal Protein.
  • The one-on-one coaching and monitoring of patients supports them throughout the weight loss experience, and beyond.
  • Its four phase weight loss method is offered at over 3,000 clinics in North America.
  • Ideal Protein’s fully developed training program is offered free of charge to clinic partners.

*Results non typical. You should not expect to experience similar results. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs. * 

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